The experienced manager of the automotive world joined TOGG

The experienced manager of the automotive world joined TOGG

TOGG team continues to grow with international participation

Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group has appointed Sergio Rocha as COO (Chief Operating Officer). Rocha is one of the leading executives in the global automotive industry, who has managed many projects in the Americas, Europe and Asia; will lead TOGG in Product Planning, Program Management, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Engineering and Production Operations.

TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş, who spoke about Sergio Rocha joining his team; “We're working with a team of world-class competencies. In this sense it is a very important development that Sergio Rocha has brought his experience in many projects in various parts of the world to our organization. Rocha will be in significant layers to achieve the targets set by TOGG.”

Rocha is a senior leader with an extensive international auto-industry background across different cultures, including full product development, global product programs coordination and general business management. Rocha worked at Volkswagen for 5 years and then joined General Motors, where he stayed for 37 years ending his career in GM as President, CEO & Chairman of the board for GM Korea – South Korea.

Rocha’s professional experience includes start-up, acquisition, launching of brand and major transformations, focusing on people and on the bottom line, improving business results and high-performance organizations.

Sergio Rocha's last assignment before coming to Turkey was in 2018/19 as Chief Operating Officer of an electric vehicle (EV) initiative in India.

Karakaş continued, “Our team, which is growing day by day, consists of very experienced engineers who have carried out global studies with no less than 13-15 years of experience. From the very beginning, we have been working to recruit colleagues with the best personal experience in the field. We know that a strong company is only possible with a strong team. In this sense it is a very important development that Rocha has brought his experience to TOGG”.

Rocha graduated from the Universidade Braz Cubas, Sao Paulo, Brazil from both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering departments.