We said that “We are ready for global competition.” in Forum Istanbul 2019.

We said that “We are ready for global competition.” in Forum Istanbul 2019.

We said that “We are ready for global competition.” in

Forum Istanbul 2019.

Gürcan Karakaş said that: “We are starting with a vehicle which cam compete in global arena with the Turkey’s background.” in Forum Istanbul 2019 organized with the theme of  “Story of The Future: The Story of Tomorrow is Written Today”.

Gürcan Karakaş, our CEO expressed that the industrial revolution triggered the deep changes throughout the history in the presentation which he made in the session with the title of  “In Which Stage Are We to Establish the Future’s Industry?” organized within the scope of the event realized in 30 April 2019.

Stating that when it is looked from the perspective of automobile, there have been significant changes in the energy, transportation, mobility and communication with the technological changes stated that: “Steam-operated automobiles emerged with the investment of the steam engine with the first industrial revolution.  The T Model vehicle by Ford was the first vehicle manufactured as serial with the entrance of the automation in the second industrial revolution and then we see the transformation through steam, coal, electricity and petroleum. And we see that incombustible motors are hight wide varying from automobiles to planes. Then the automation reached to a serious sizes together with the electronics in the third industrial revolution and it enabled automobile to spread all over the world in the automobile sector.”

Karakaş expressed that automotive technology requires multi-dimensional expertise and such expertises are of great significance in automobile factory or anywhere used technology.

Stating that new business opportunities have come into existence with the digitalization and internet of things in the fourth industrial revolution, Karakaş said that: “Each innovation and each development in the industry increases the competitiveness. Because it increases the efficiency. When the efficiency and competitiveness increase, the prosperity increases. Therefore, everyone’s motivation is to increase the efficiency to increase the prosperity and develop the new technologies to increase the efficiency.”

Automobile is no longer a vehicle which ensure to move from A point to B point.”

Karakaş said that the fourth industrial revolution can increase competitiveness and efficiency, increase the manufacturing costs and improve the security and quality outcomes.

Pointing out that the vehicles are no longer just a transportation vehicle, Karakaş expressed that: “Today’s automobile is no longer a vehicle moving from A point to B point. It is transforming into a smart device, a computer. Because thanks to the internet of things, any sub-components within the device can communicate with anything around it including the subsystems.”

“Automobile will have a different position with the electrical vehicles.”

Following the panel, answering an audience’s question that “Why did you leave your job and undertake the Turkish automobile project?”  Gürcan stated that:

“Firstly, of course everything begins with a dream. Once I was the General Director of Bosch Turkey and Board of Directors member, we always questioned ourselves that “Why don’t we manufacture automobile with our own brand in Turkey? But we were aware that the conditions of that day were not suitable. What changed then? The change is that the automotive will pass in other hands within 10 years because automotive sector in the whole world is undergoing a huge change. Abilities and experiences of the companies which have automotive technology for 100 years will not matter that much in the near future. Because automobile will have a different position with the electrical vehicles. It will turn into a smart device with the connected vehicles and into a life area with autonomous vehicles. Today’s automotive is not very profitable sector for 2035. But when we take into consideration 2035, we see that the majority of the profit will be caused by the business

potential of connected and autonomous vehicles which we define as the mobility ecosystem. We should start now to fictionalize this.”

Karakaş drew attention that there has been an opportunity in this field for the world and Turkey and completed his words that: “

When we have taken into consideration that Turkey has experience in classical automobile since 50 years, we can create a vital value with Turkey’s youth population, dynamics and global abilities. We have specified for 8 criteria. There are numerous companies which desire to manufacture automobile and create mobility ecosystem but they cannot. Because they cannot apply or implement 8 criteria simultaneously to be successful.

The first primary criterion for success is the existence of an opportunity and being competent with the right team in the right time and place, which means that we all have these parameters. The second criterion is to be present in the market with at least 3-5 vehicles to create product portfolio which is necessary to create a brand which has global competition capacity and to access to the aimed market share.  To meet the cost target and profitability aimed per vehicle. To put forward the intellectual property rights which belong to our country.  To create a team constituting multi-versatile expert people and a customer-oriented, agile organization with autonomous structure.  To make positive surprises  on the expectations by meeting the target apart from meeting the quality in the world standards,   The connection of smart vehicles with smart objects. To transform into a life space with autonomous drive and for mobility to transform from being just transportation into a service version connected to the objects. In other words, to establish an eco-system and put forward a long-term determination and investment capacity.

We negotiated with 2 thousands of people before launching our operations and we talked about what the Turkish people are expecting, how we can reflect this on our vehicle, how we can put this forward in the designation of the vehicle with the “focus group work”. We are starting with an automobile which can compete in the global arena with the Turkey’s background and Turkey’s intellectual raw material and to excess the limits of automobile. The point where we will exhibit our difference.