Yapı Merkezi has been selected as the construction company for TOGG’s Gemlik Facility

Yapı Merkezi has been selected as the construction company for TOGG’s Gemlik Facility

Yapı Merkezi will carry out the upper-structure construction of the Gemlik Facility, which is at the core of TOGG's ‘Journey to Innovation' goal and is defined as 'More than a Factory’ with its smart and environment-friendly features.

TOGG, which stepped into the “New League” on December 27, 2019, with the introduction of demonstrator vehicles to Turkey and the world, and with the 'Commencement Ceremony of Construction', in addition to the agreement with Farasis, for the production of  battery module and packages in Turkey, now has taken another important step, and decided on the construction company for the upper-structure construction of TOGG Gemlik Facility

Yapı Merkezi, which was  evaluated by the Construction Committee established by the TOGG Board of Directors, among 16 other companies, was selected as the company to implement the TOGG Gemlik Facility with its technical and technological competencies, financial capacity and commercial approach as well as strong references in the field of industrial structures. It is planned that, the construction work of the upper-structure will be initiated by Yapı Merkezi as of January 2021, in TOGG Gemlik Facility where soil improvement works have reached the final stage.

After the upper-structure works planned to be completed in about a year, it is considered that the first serial cars will be released from the production line in the last quarter of 2022, with the establishment of production and assembly lines at TOGG Facility. TOGG Gemlik Facility, where recruitments will be initiated in 2022, will provide employment for total of 4,300 people, when its production capacity reaches 175,000 units per year


TOGG Chairman M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu expressed his feelings regarding the construction of TOGG Gemlik Facility by Yapı Merkezi: “TOGG continues to implement its plans, in order to realize Turkey's 60-year-long dream. With the determination of our upper-structure construction company, we have completed another very important stage. In accordance with our policy of equal approach to each supplier, Yapı Merkezi won the tender, that was held electronically, through open tender method, by providing the highest level of transparency among 16 other valuable companies. I congratulate the Yapı Merkezi and wish both institutions good luck in the future. I wholeheartedly believe that they will accomplish a successful work in line with TOGG's goals. "


“As we originally planned, we continue to move forward in line with our goals. The TOGG Gemlik Facility will be one of the most important elements of the TOGG ecosystem. For this reason, we selected the company to carry out the construction, according to objective of our criteria of success, as in all our suppliers”, said TOGG CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş, who also stated that, with the upper-structure construction that will be initiated in January, an important an important milestone will be reached in  the "Journey to Innovation”.

“The references of Yapı Merkezi, both domestic and international, are very successful projects. They also successfully completed many constructions of industrial facilitates of multiple global brands. During the selection process, the company has come to the forefront as a company that will meet our expectations, with its competencies in this field and the successful projects they have already carried out around the world.”



Chairman of Yapı Merkezi İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş. Başar Arıoğlu stated in his speech at the ceremony that, they are proud to be a part of building the facility where Turkey's cars will be produced: “This is a huge responsibility for us. There are hundreds of steps in the production process of an automobile. The first of these is to build the structures of the production facility. The buildings, we will build, will surround to protect the automobile construction process and will ensure that the production processes are not affected by weather conditions, and that production takes place without disruption even in natural events including earthquakes and storms”.

Özge Arıoğlu, General Manager of Yapı Merkezi İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş., said in her speech at the ceremony that, production processes and future machinery, buildings and infrastructures should be in the highest level of compatibility, in order to ensure the correct and efficient flow of business.


"In order for the construction to be completed on time, we will work very closely with the process and design teams, flexible but long-sighted, and we will not miss the targeted timeline", Arıoğlu added.


Aslan Uzun, CEO of Yapı Merkezi Holding said, "We are very happy to take part in such a visionary project, which is the source of pride for Turkey. We will build a factory that suits Turkey's car and TOGG team, dedicated to fulfilling this vision and the people of our country. We are aware that, there is a race against time in this project, where whole world will be watching. We will accomplish this important task, with a dedicated and trustworthy team. We have promised on this. "






·         Increases productivity with Internet of Things (IoT), data collection and analysis

·         Has a smart production network that generates value with real-time data

·         Predicts and/or prevents faults in production lines with advanced cameras and sensors

·         Increases ergonomics with collaborative robot applications and wearable technologies



·         Emissions of less than 5 g/m2 of “volatile organic compounds”; equivalent to 1/9th of the legal limit in Turkey, and 1/7th of the legal limits in Europe.

·         With its short cycle; 30% lower CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.




·         As an addition to the production; styling, research and development, prototype and testing, strategy and management centres will be combined together: An experience centre, where customers will visit, not only to receive their vehicles, but also to see TOGG technologies closely, and have a pleasant time with their families.





·         The upper-structure works of TOGG Gemlik Facility will be initiated by Yapı Merkezi in January 2021.

·         The facility will be built on an area of 1.2 million square metres and it will have 230,000 square meters of indoor space, by the time it reaches the full capacity.

·         In the last quarter of 2022, the first serial vehicles will be released from the production line.

·         When the capacity of 175,000/year is reached, 4,300 people will be employed.

·         At least 30% of the employees, at the TOGG Facility, will be female.

·         Localization will be 51% at the start of production.

·         In 2025, the localization rate will reach 68%.

·         1 million TOGG cars will be released from production facility by 2030.


About TOGG

TOGG, intellectual property rights owned by Turkey, was founded on June 25, 2018 with the objective to create a mobility brand that will compete on a global scale by Anadolu Group, Turkey's largest retailer; BMC, one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers; Kök Group, the founder of which is Turkey's automotive pioneer; Turkcell, Turkey's largest telecommunications company; Zorlu, Europe's and Turkey’s largest television manufacturer; and The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), largest nonprofit organization in the country.

The company whose the line-off of the first product, the born electric C-SUV vehicle, will take place in the third quarter of 2022 at its facilities under construction in Gemlik will produce C-Sedan and C-Hatchback,  B-SUV, and C-MPV all of which are a born-electric, by 2030.

TOGG will have a capacity to produce 175 thousand vehicles per year in its facilities with 1.2 million m2 open area and 230 thousand m2 covered area. The company, which will develop new technologies, services, user experiences and new business models within the ecosystem that it will create around smart and connected automobiles, aims to reach a production of 1 million by 2030.

About Yapı Merkezi


Founded in 1965, Yapı Merkezi has been a global leader in transportation, infrastructure and general contracting as a Turkish construction company, that has carried out important projects in international arenas. As of the end of 2020, it successfully completed 3,700 kilometres of railway, and 58 rail system projects in 3 continents, and ensures the safe transportation of more than 3.5 million passengers per day in the world.

In 2016, Yapı Merkezi completed the Avrasya Tüneli Project, which merged Asia and Europe with a road tunnel under the sea floor. In 2017, Yapı Merkezi-led Joint Venture won the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge tender, which will be the longest-span (2,023m) suspension bridge in the world.

Yapı Merkezi also has ongoing and completed transport projects in other African countries such as Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Algeria, Morocco and Sudan.

With more than 19,000 employees, Yapı Merkezi aims to strengthen its qualification as a sought and trusted "world brand", and to maintain its distinguished position in the history of public works in Turkey and the world. Yapı Merkezi, which ranked 78th in 2020 on the TOP 250 International Contractors List determined by Engineering News-Record-ENR, was also ranked 10th best company in the Rail Systems-Public Transport List.

At the Stevie International Business Awards in 2020, Yapı Merkezi was awarded for its “Butterfly's Transformation Journey” project, and won the Golden Award in the category of "Most Valuable HR Team” in Europe, and the Bronze Stevie Award in the category of "Most Innovative Use of HR Technology During the Pandemic”.